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Aussie Run Album The day the Aussies RAN...
Two Aussie warships were in Penang port for a few days R&R.... some silly buggers decided to come for a hash run with the best hash in the world... PH3
The sailors were not disapointed, not only did they enjoy the run to the haunted house and back at TAR college, but there was plenty of beer, food and ICE for them all to enjoy.. For Aussies they weren't a bad bunch, coz as we all know, "you can tell an Aussie, but you can't tell em much!" Lads, you are welcome back anytime! We promise that you won't have to suffer another of Sharks headjobs!!!  There was also another bloody Dutch guest "Roy" - at least he did not complain as much as the Aussies when he was iced! On On!
Horrors Run Jesselton
PH3 held their first Horrors (kids) run for 2005 on Sunday 04 September. Fellow Penang Hash chapters were invited and indeed assisted with some of the organisation. Registration began at 8.30am, the planned 9am start proved a little early for some, how could we start before the GM arrived (9.15) The run was challenging but fun for the young ones. Guppy, Shark and Minisausage laid a trail which took the kids from Sharks house in Jesselton, toward the youthpark, up a nearby drainway, around the back of Jesselton, into the Jungle and finally back down past the Indian temple to Jesselton. The front runners (Joel and Finn both 5yrs old) finished the run in around 50 mins. Great makan, games and beer drinking was enjoyed by all for the rest of the day. Thanks to all those who contributed by way of
blood, sweat or tears!! On On... Horrors runs will be organised more often
Christmas Run 2003
Photos from the Christmas run 2003 held at Batu Ferringhi. More than a few handphones and wallets ended up in the pool.
PH3 40th Anniversary 25 November 2005
A great 'virgin' run was set at Gertak Sangull which was followed by a restaurant meal, freeflow beer and loads of singing, story telling and stuff... a great night was had by all!! On On
Guinness Anchor Brewery Tour (GAB)
What a day, the bus left Midlands Onestop at 7am and Petronas Greenlane at 7.45am. Beers were cracked before the Penang Bridge and so the day went...
We finally got back to Penang at Midnight, some more worse for wear than others.
Thanks to GAB and their local rep Paul, as well as the PH3 committee members who organised the great day out...
Marco's Farewell
A selection of photos from Marcos Farewell run before he headed back to Germany after hashing with PH3 for 7 years...
 have a good one Marco!