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Penang Hash House Harriers
(PH3) Men's Hash

7th Oldest and Best Hash in the World!
Runs are by accident at 6pm on Mondays                
We run - Rain, Hail, Snow, Smog, Thermo Nuclear Strike or Shine

 PH3 Runs are set throughout the scenic Malaysian island of Penang. Runs usually consist of 45 - 90 mins of  grueling on-up's through virgin jungle, trails and fruit farms followed by a good on-down with beers and food at the runsite. A typical run sees anywhere between 40-60 runners. Afraid of the hills? we also have a few chaps that simply go for an 'old farts stroll' before hooking into their weekly dose of Tiger Beer! We look forward to Monday's and you should too!

Guests are welcome, run fee is 20 Ringitt (approx US$5) which includes the run, 2 beers and makan (food) by the Hare... Contact one of the GM or one of the mismanagement members to find directions to the runsite.  So why not earn that thirst, come running and drinking!! On On with PH3 - the no bullshit Penang Hash.

To view Penang Island on Google Earth, right click on this link, save to disc, then dbl click on the file or drag the file into Google Earth.. Penang Island is a fantastic step back in time with Hash trails as they were originally set 'ON PAPER' - no chalk or neon lights simply follow the paper. Most runs are set as far from tarmac and concrete as we can get... jungle running (and climbing) at its  best.


We Love Mondays!!!

A Little History...
PH3 was founded in 1965 by Robin Rowlings, Garry MacDonald and Gavin Needles.
On 10th May 1965 the first run by eleven founder members started at Robin's place and went on to TEIK QUARRY. 
PH3 is the 7th Oldest Hash Chapter in the World, we have now been hashing for over forty years!

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Once a Hashman, Always a Hashman!!


View the Launch of 6000 lanterns at the end of Interhash 2006 in Chiang Mai
There were quite a few PH3 members there!!!


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